Клеточная терапия SVF

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Adipose SVF cell therapy

are a mixed cell population extracted from the patients own adipose tissue. This type of cell therapy requires a mini-liposuction to obtain the adipose tissue as the source of stem cells. Focus of treatment and care remains unchanged,improving the quality of life of the patients with Chronic diseases and illnesss, Neurologic problems, Anti-aging and rejuvenation,wellness etc with no other optional treatment but as an alternative treatment through stem cells therapy

Подробное описание программы появится после выбора конкретного варианта
Город Бангкок
Провинция Бангкок и окрестности
Страна Таиланд
Медицинский центр InteliHealthPlus by StemCells21
Сервисная зона Центральная зона обслуживания (Бангкок)
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